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Arson Garden were a five piece band from Bloomington Indiana who made music that I would call etheral-metal. Kind of akin to the Monks of Doom but heavier, well okay more etheral too. They have also been called an art-rock band by one critic, I'd more or less agree. They have been compared to 10,000 Maniacs probably due to their having a great female vocalist and worked with Albert Garzon who produced the Maniacs first album. Otherwise the resemblance is really quite minimal.

The band

Counter clockwise from bottom.
April Combs voice
Michael Mann guitars
Joby Barnett drums,percussion
Clark Starr bass
James Combs guitars,vocals

Latest News/Rumors:

Long overdue update from January 2016...

April's current music project is April Eight (FB).

James Combs' (FB) current music project is Great Willow (FB).

Updated links at the bottom of the page including a FB page for AG.

A number of AG videos have appeared on YT over the years, here are some of the better ones:

The latest news from Michael Mann himself in the Summer of 1999 (Thanks Michael!):

Butter broke up in 1995 and James and April formed Snacktime in Chicago. Snacktime broke up in 1997. James is the only one still involved in music professionally. He is in Petaluma, CA. and recently released a solo CD called "Remoter" on a Berkley label. It is great and should be sought out. Myself (Michael) and April are in Cincinnati, not being musical - at least publically. Chip is in Chicago and Joby is in Michigan City, IN. Neither are doing anything music related.

from September 95...

Having moved up to Chicago the remainder of the group (Joby) found a new drummer, rehearsed, played six or so shows under the "Butter" moniker. Around this time it became apparent that the new guy, though technically proficient, wasn't going to work out. At this time Michael and Clark decided to move on to other things. Without Joby, Michael and Clark, James and April decided to continue on and at press time have recruited Tina (drummer) and Greg (old bloomington friend ex-early incarnation of Unrest bass). The new name is "Snacktime".


Note: This is based on bilbo's old AG page from various locations. If anyone finds it again, let me know!

I'm putting up this page because bilbo's page has disappeared again and I have been unable to find a new location for it. Since his page has not re-appeared, I've started adding some new material, graphics, and other formatting on this one.

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